Tren 75 75MG/ML


TRENABOL (Trenbolone acetate where to buy) is actually a modified form of Nandrolone hormone, which carries an alteration of lacking a carbon atom at the 19th position in the chemical structure, hence puts it in the 19-nortestosterone (19-nor) anabolic androgenic steroid category. Moreover, this leads to a double bond at carbons 9th and 11th positions, thus slows its metabolism and substantially increases binding affinity to the androgen receptors, and prevents it from aromatizing. Therefore, Trenbolone acetate where to buy possesses an anabolic rate roaring at 500, which takes a five-fold rate comparing to testosterone placing at 100. With such a massive anabolic trait, Trenbolone excellently stimulates protein synthesis, thus enhances nitrogen retention. The more nitrogen restored, the bigger muscle tissue becomes that shapes a toned-up, real muscle body.